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Graduated/Post-secondary Student's Statistics

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ECC boasts a high pass rate in the Japanese Language Proficiency Test conducted every July and December.
N1 achieves a passing rate of about 20% over the nationwide average and about 30% or more in N2. ECC boasts a high pass rate in the Japanese Language Proficiency Test conducted every July and December.

ECC boasts a high pass rate in the Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students〔EJU〕 condcted every June and Novermber.
The average score of ECC examineeses is "26.4 points (257.4)" plus "from the average of all examinees (231.0).

ECC actively supports graduate school and university admission.
ECC support counseling, individual guidance, interviewing, etc. for high enrollment rate.

List of graduates joined schools/universities/junior colleges/vocational colleges after graduation in 2016

Graduate schools, Research students (Public graduate schools)

  • 名古屋大学大学院 農学部

  • 名古屋工業大学大学院 工学部 社会工学科

  • 広島大学大学院 教育学研究科

  • 山梨大学大学院 教育学研究科

Graduate schools, Research students (Private graduate schools)

  • 名城大学大学院 経営学研究科 経営学専攻

  • 愛知産業大学大学院 造形学研究科 デザイン学専攻

  • 名古屋経済大学大学院 法学研究科

Universities, undergraduate students(Public universities)

  • 愛知県立大学 日本文化学部 歴史文化学科

  • 高知県立大学 健康栄養学部 健康栄養学科

Universities, undergraduate students(Private universities)

  • 名城大学 経済学部 経済学科
  • 名城大学 経済学部 経営学科
  • 名城大学 経営学部 国際経営学科
  • 中部大学 工学部 機械工学科
  • 中部大学 工学部 電子情報工学科
  • 中部大学 生命健康科学部 保険看護学科
  • 中京大学 経営学部 経営学科
  • 愛知産業大学 経営学部 総合経営学科
  • 愛知大学 経済学部 経済学科
  • 愛知大学 国際コミュニケーション学部 比較文化学科
  • 愛知学院大学 経営学部 経営学科
  • 名古屋経済大学 法学部 ビジネス法学科
  • 名古屋経済大学 経営学部 経営学科
  • 星城大学 経営学部 経営学科
  • 名古屋学院大学 外国語学部 英米語学科
  • 大阪産業大学 経営学部 経営学科

Vocational schools

  • ECC国際外語専門学校 国際ビジネスコース
  • YIC京都工科大学校 二輪自動車整備科
  • エール学園 応用日本語学科 東大・京大・阪大進学コース
  • エール学園 応用日本語学科 国公立大学進学コース
  • 大阪キャリナリー製菓調理専門学校 製菓・製パン科
  • 織田製菓専門学校 製菓学科コンフェクションコース
  • 中部楽器技術専門学校 管楽器リペア科
  • 中部楽器技術専門学校 ギタークラフトコース
  • 東海工業専門学校 工業専門課程 建築工学科
  • 東京IT会計専門学校名古屋校 会計学科
  • トヨタ名古屋自動車大学校 工業専門課程 自動車整備科
  • トライデント外国語・ホテル・ブライダル専門学校 国際エアライン学科
  • 名古屋製菓専門学校 洋菓子科
  • 名古屋医療秘書福祉専門学校 くすりアドバイザー科
  • 名古屋経営会計専門学校 日本ビジネス科 応用日本語コース
  • 名古屋経営会計専門学校 商業実務専門課程
  • 名古屋辻学園調理専門学校 上級調理師科
  • 日産自動車大学校 一級自動車工学科
  • 日中文化芸術専門学校 日中通訳学科
  • モード学園 モード基礎学科
  • モード学園 メイク・ネイル学科

Students' Experiences

  • Although it was a short period of time, studying at ECC was very useful.

    Hongseok Bae

    Hongseok Bae

    I decided to study in Japan in order to enter a graduate school. When I researched graduate schools at National universities, I found that the graduate school of Nagoya University screened applicants for enrollment in Autumn Semester. So I aimed to enroll in the graduate school of Nagoya University and came to Nagoya.
    Four months after my enrollment, I started to prepare and apply for the graduate school. But I didn't know what I should do. However I was taught how to write research plans and how to have an interview with professors at Nagoya University. After that I was ready and prepared. Although my time at ECC was short, it was very useful for me. .
    I'm thankful for the teachers who helped me able to enroll at the graduate school of Nagoya University. Special thanks to Ms. Sakakibara, Ms. Nishikawa, and Ms. Yuki.
  • Thanks to ECC's enthusiastic help from teachers, I am very grateful now.

    Yang Shengjie

    Yang Shengjie

    I am Yang Shengjie from Shanghai, China. I studied at the ECC Japanese Language Institute in Nagoya from April in 2008 until early 2010,and I have been studying at Waseda University since April 2010 .
    When I first came to Japan, I was so worried and hesitant at times. At first you might think, "Japanese is so difficult", and "Studying Japanese at ECC is very serious". But if you trust yourself and believe in your teachers at ECC, I think you will realize this is the best way to reach your goal. Even though I only knew how to introduce myself when I first came to Japan, I was later able to enter Waseda University. I really appreciate what the teachers at ECC have done for me.
    Even though studying at Waseda University is somewhat difficult at times, university life has become easier with the support of my Japanese friends.
  • The teachers and classmates are very kind.

    Meishan Yang

    Meishan Yang

    When I was in Taiwan, I heard that the rate of students receiving higher education in Japan was high, and that ECC was one of the country's most famous language institutes.
    So I decided to enroll at ECC. Studying there was somewhat strenuous, but I learned a lot! The teachers were kind and I had a lot of fun enjoying the student life. Nagoya is a wonderful city, although it is big . I didn't have any family in Japan, so I had to do everything by myself. However, I succeeded and even took a cooking class by myself! I am currently studying international hospitality at the International College of Tourism in Nagoya. I enjoy my studying in this field very much; I have taken classes in restaurant services and even a class on wine. I like communicating with people and hope that in the future I can get a job in Japan. I have some advice about studying in a foreign country. You may be nervous to take the first step and go, but there are many fun things waiting for you there. So go, you won't regret it!
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