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Graduated/Post-secondary Student's Statistics

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ECC supports those seeking to achieve their dreams of academic achievement and employment while making use of their Japanese language skills.

Accepting all students who wish to enter higher education
  •  ○ Counseling services for higher education
  •  ○ Preparatory classes for those taking examinations for study abroad, and special classes for general studies including mathematics
  •  ○ Advice on taking interviews and writing essays

All our students who sought higher education have achieved academic advancement.

【Major higher education destinations】


  • 名古屋工業大学大学院
  • 神戸大学大学院
  • 金沢大学大学院
  • 愛知県立芸術大学大学院
  • 京都工芸繊維大学大学院
  • 名城大学大学院
  • 名古屋学院大学大学院


  • 名桜大学
  • 名古屋市立大学
  • 愛知県立大学
  • 山陽小野田市立山口東京理科大学


  • 愛知大学
  • 愛知学院大学
  • 愛知産業大学
  • 愛知文教大学
  • 愛知東邦大学
  • 関西大学
  • 駒澤大学
  • 星城大学
  • 中京大学
  • 同朋大学
  • 名城大学
  • 名古屋商科大学
  • 名古屋学院大学
  • 名古屋産業大学
  • 日本福祉大学


  • ECC国際外語専門学校
  • HAL名古屋
  • 国際観光専門学校
  • 中日本自動車短期大学
  • 中部楽器技術専門学校
  • 名古屋医専
  • 東京ダンス&アクターズ専門学校
  • 名古屋観光専門学校
  • 辻調理師専門学校
  • 名古屋デザイン&テクノロジー専門学校
  • トライデント外国語・ホテル・ブライダル専門学校
  • あいち福祉医療専門学校
  • 日産愛知自動車大学校
  • 名古屋スクールオブビジネス
  • 名古屋経営会計専門学校
  • 名古屋モード学園
  • 保育・介護・ビジネス名古屋専門学校
  • 日本外国語専門学校

(Academic achievement record for 2017)

Support for those seeking employment

The number of international students committed to learning the Japanese language and working in Japan is increasing. At the same time, the number of companies hiring international students is growing, and opportunities for employment are expanding. By introducing the employment situation in Japan, ECC is able to provide invaluable advice in seminars on job-hunting techniques and other guidance services.

  •  ○ Preparatory classes for employment and comportment in a business setting
  •  ○ Employment counseling for job applicants


Using Japanese language skills as a foundation for a new career

     Certifying your skills with the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) provides you with a tremendous advantage in fulfilling your career goals. For those considering careers requiring Japanese language skills, this test expands the range of options.
     Build a foundation for your new career with preparatory classes for the JLPT, levels N1 and N2.


Comments by graduates

  • ECC provides EJU preparation courses, as well as information sessions and individual guidance for students who want to continue to study at a university or a vocational school.

    徐卓凡 さん(中国)

    徐卓凡 さん(中国)

    I am very happy that I passed the entrance examination for the university that was my first preference! The teachers at ECC provided us with plenty of guidance for our interviews and essays before taking the entrance examination. You had better start preparing for the next stage of education well in advance!
  • ECC is strict but they make sure that your Japanese will improve.

    孟庄 さん(中国)

    孟庄 さん(中国)

    I participated in a Japanese speech contest while I was studying at ECC and was able to give a satisfying speech thanks to the coaching provided by my teachers. As ECC provides ample coaching for students who apply for a university or a vocational school, I could prepare myself for my application without any concerns.
  • We had to take tests almost everyday at ECC, so I was always able to study with a good amount of pressure.

    頼麥林 さん(台湾)

    頼麥林 さん(台湾)

    I sometimes felt that ECC was strict, but I am very grateful for that because it was needed to improve my Japanese. When I applied for a university I was able to predict what questions would be asked in the interview and remembered my answers perfectly.
  • The many friendly teachers at ECC ensure that classes are fun and learning is easy.

    吕威錡 さん(台湾)

    吕威錡 さん(台湾)

    The most important aspect of job hunting is figuring out what kind of career you want. It’s helpful to participate actively in job fairs and employment seminars. It’s also essential to practice job interviews and develop your skills at resumé writing and self-promotion. If you keep working hard without giving up, your dreams are sure to come true!
  • My life got brighter the day I found ECC.



    When I first arrived in Japan, I couldn’t speak Japanese at all and I knew no one. After entering ECC and improving my Japanese language skills, I was able to make many friends and even find a job. My life improved greatly thanks to ECC!
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