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About the ECCJapanese Language Institute

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Message from the President

President Katsumi Yamaguchi

What will happen to our globalized society in the future, where the messages you send can be instantly delivered to people all around the world? While living in this world, what are your dreams for an ideal future? What will you study, and how will you make use of what you have learned? When making these decisions, national borders will continue to mean less and less. Now is the time to make important decisions about your future.
Our goal at ECC is to develop 21st century citizens of the world. We provide an educational environment that is sure to help you take the first step forward towards a bright future. ECC is able to provide these outcomes because we are an experienced and trusted pioneer in English language education in Japan. We have developed our scope to include a variety of educational fields beyond language education all over the nation. We will continue to move forward as a comprehensive educational institute that crosses over national borders.
ECC is a pioneer in English language education, and is developing its scope to include a variety of educational fields beyond language education. We deliver tangible results and we have achieved sucess worldwide.
Take a true step forward as a citizen of the world in the 21st century, at ECC Japanese Language Institute.

President Katsumi Yamaguchi

Educational philos of the ECC Japanese Language Institute

An institute where your dreams can come true through studying the Japanese language

We support learners to help reach their objectives

•Enabling all students who wish to do so to advance to higher education
Conducting step-by-step educational counseling, starting right after enrollment until you enter the next stage of education
Providing preparation courses for the Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (EJU)
Providing special courses such as Japan and the World, and Mathematics
Intensive coaching for interviews/essays
•Support for those who wish to find a job in Japan
Conducting career preparation seminars, job hunting seminars and business manners seminars
Conducting career counseling
•Building a foundation of your next career using Japanese
Aiming for a high pass rate for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) through preparation courses
Aiming for all students who study at ECC for more than 1 year to pass JLPT N2 or higher

We provide students with a learning environment that enhances their motivation to learn

•Creating an environment where students with ambitious goals help to raise each other’s level
•Strengthening our students’ communication skills in Japanese within a multicultural environment
•A teaching policy that is devoted to improving the quality of teaching

We provide opportunities for students to interact and communicate with Japanese people

•Staff and teachers actively speak to students both inside and outside the classroom
•Organizing conversation group meet-ups held by students attending the Japanese Language Teacher Training Course

We are a Japanese language school operated by the comprehensive educational institute ECC.

The ECC group of schools is a life-long education entity which runs many language schools such as English schools throughout Japan. The Japanese Language Institute is conveniently located near Kanayama station, accesible from everywhere. The students of the Japanese language courses study in the same building as Japanese students learning foreign languages.

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