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  • What nationalities are ECC students?

    Students from China share about 50% of all the students. The other students are from Taiwan, Korea, the Philippines, Vietnam, etc. ECC students come from over 10 countries.
  • Do students take lessons every day?

    This depends on the course a student is taking, but there are lessons Monday to Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. ECC schools are closed on public holidays.
  • What time do lessons start and finish?

    There are morning classes and afternoon classes, depending on the course the student is taking.
    Morning classes are from 9:15-12:30, and afternoon classes are from 13:30-16:45.
  • Can I study myself when I do not have classes?

    You can study on your own in the study room. There are also reference books.
  • How many students are there in a class?

    There are usually 10-20 students.
  • How fluently will I be able to speak Japanese after studying at ECC?

    Students who have studied at ECC for over 1 year will be able to pass N2. Some students also pass N1 after learning more.
  • I would like to go on to colleges and vocational schools in Japan.

    We are conducting a "briefing session for advanced studies" for applicants who wish to enter the university.Also, at the time of taking the exam, teacher in charge teaches guidance on how to write the reason for choice and interview.


  • What if I get sick or injured?

    Residents in Japan are required to join the National Health Insurance System.
    Those in the National Health Insurance System pay only 30% of the total medical fees when they receive treatment for an illness or injury. However, the National Health Insurance covers only necessary care, not elective procedures, so there are instances when the insured must pay full cost.
  • Can I use other languages at a hospital?

    There are hospitals in Japan which can offer medical services in English, Chinese, and Korean.
    If a student needs assistance, an ECC staff member can help as an interpreter.


  • How long is a college student visa valid?

    One year, and they can be renewed up to two years.
  • Can I go home during the summer vacation?

    Although it is not possible return home during the semester, when the school is closed, students can temporarily return home.
    Be sure to inform the teacher when temporarily returning to the country.
  • Are there any part-time jobs available in Japan?

    There are lots of restaurants and conveniences stores around ECC schools that have part-time work available. Many students work in restaurants as hall staff or cooking assistants.
  • Do I need permission before I get a part-time job?

    Students who wish to study abroad can work part-time with the permission of non-qualification activities. At ECC, you can work part-time after 3 months from admission. (School rules) Part-time job is within 28 hours per week.
    There are some part-time jobs for international students not to be allowed.
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