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School Policies Regarding the End of the State of Emergency

On May 25, the state of emergency for all areas of Japan was lifted.
In response to this change, Nagoya and Kobe schools will resume regular classes on June 1.
Shinjuku school (Tokyo) will continue to hold online classes for the time being, and will set a date for resuming classes in accordance with the metropolitan government’s roadmap for resuming economic activities. Those students will be informed of the date for the school’s reopening as it is decided.

In order to ensure the safety of both students and school staff, the ECC Japanese Language Institute has put the following guidelines in place:

・School staff are to wear masks
・Hand sanitizer and air purifiers are to be placed in the school
・The interior of the school will be cleaned thoroughly using disinfectant
・Students and school staff are to monitor overall health status
・Social distance is to be maintained at the school

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
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