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Integrated Japanese course.Lessons cover
speaking, listening, reading and writing

The Integrated Japanese Course is a course for people who study Japanese systematically to achieve their individual goals, such as going to university etc..
Lessons cover speaking,listening,reading and writing. It is possible to receivethe highest standard of Japanese language education through each level classes, daily tests, experience activity such as "JAPAN DAY" etc.
Course Terms April, July, October and January
Course Duration 1to 2 years.
Visa Student Visa
Lessons 5days a week(Mon-Fri), 4 lessons a day
Morning classes are 9:15~12:30 and
afternoon classes are 13:30~16:45.


There are 6 levels from starting beginners learning the basics of Japanese to the advance to aim for passing the Japanese Language Proficiency Test N1.
Class levels Students Goal
Beginners' Class


A class for those who would like to learn Japanese for the first time ●It is possible to communicate their thought with a limited vocabulary.
●Pass JLPT N5 with a high score.
Elementary Class


Those who have already learnt basic Japanese and passed JLPT N5. ●It is possible to communicate their thought with a limited vocabulary.
●Pass JLPT N4 with a high score.
Intermediate1 Class


Those who have finished studying elementary Japanese and have passed JLPT N4. ●Students develop the ability to understand everyday Japanese and converse naturally.
●Prepare for JLPT N2.
Intermediate 2 Class


Those who have finished studying Intermediate 1 and have passed JLPT N3. ●Students can express themselves in a variety of circumstances, including formal situations. Students can understand native Japanese speakers.
●Pass JLPT N2 or reach that proficiency.
Pre-advanced Class Those who have finished studying Intermediate 2 and want to pass JLPT N3 or JLPT N2. ●Students can express their thoughts and opinions about professional and social topics.
●Pass JILT N2 or reach that proficiency.
Advanced Class


Those who studied intermediate Japanese, have passed JLPT N2 and are working towards JLPT N1. ●Students will be able to persuade or negotiate with others who have different opinions.
●Students will be able to understand Japanese in a variety of circumstances.
●Work towards JLPT N1


Various tests are carried out at all levels.
  • Language verification test(almost every day)
  • Kanji(Chinese character) test(almost every day)
  • Grammar test(one per a one to two weeks)
  • Final exam(Once at the end of the term)

Exam preparation

For the Spring Semester and the Fall Semester, we will take exam preparation for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test and the International Student Examination. 
In addition, applicants can study subjects other than Japanese in mathematics and general subject classes for the International Student Examination.
(additional fee)
  • Exam preparation


You will have chances to experience traditional Japanese games, art, cuisine, etc.

    You can learn the art of folding 'cranes', 'balloons' and many more from a flat sheet of squre paper.
  • Tea ceremony

    You can experience making green tea and serving it to your friends. Slightly bitter tea tastes great when served with sweets.
  • Flower arrangement

    You can experience the art of Japanese flower arrangement. It looks easy, but it's very difficult to beautifully arrange flowers in a perfect balanced manner.

Out of school activities

You will have chances to go on outings by bus, for example, 'Ninja-village' to throw shuriken, to make plastic food models at a factory, etc. These experiences with your classmates certainly create ever lasting fond memories.
  • Making 'soba' - buckwheat noodles

  • Plastic food models

  • Dress up as a Ninja warrior

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