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Enrollment Information

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Integrated Japanese course
People who will plan to study in Japan.People who will apply for a Student Visa outside Japan.

■Application Requirements

Those who have received school education for 12 years or more, those who have completed (or will prospectively complete) a secondary education curriculum that qualifies for entrance into a university, or those who are deemed equivalent. *Smoking is prohibited at ECC and the surrounding area. Non-smokers are preferred.

■Application Period (Applications will close once the number of applicants reaches capacity.)

April Enrollment From August 1 to November 1 in the previous year
July Enrollment From January 10 to March 20
October Enrollment From March 21 to May 30
January Enrollment From July 1 to September 30

■Tuition Fees

Fees(without tax)

・Tuition fee installment is only possible for those students who have a sponsor in Japan, students from OECD countries and students from NIES countries.
・Textbook fees are not included in the tuition. Please make payment for textbooks separately from the school tuition.

Tuition Fee Refund Policy;

  • (1)The injury insurance fee as part of the screening fee, admission fee and course fee cannot be refunded for any reason once it is paid to the school.
  • (2)If you are not able to enroll in ECC due to rejection of a student visa application, ECC shall refund the tuition fee. However, in this case you must submit a copy of your passport to show that the visa has been rejected.
  • (3) If you are not able to enroll in ECC due to a particular circumstance, ECC shall refund the tuition fee upon receiving an explanation in writing.
  • (4)Those entering ECC on a student visa must study for a minimum of 6 months. If you withdraw within this minimum period, ECC shall not return the tuition fee. This rule shall also apply to those who change their visa status within the first 6 months.
  • (5)Those extending the period of study must make payment of the tuition fee by the designated day. Those on student visas must pay for tuition for a minimum of 6 months. Tuition payments of less than 6 months are not accepted.
  • (6)If you withdraw from ECC during the study period due to enrolling in a higher education institution, ECC shall return the remaining tuition fee based upon calculating the study duration. For those returning to their home countries the payment shall be made after returning their country, while for those changing their visa status they must submit the copy of the passport to prove that the visa has been changed. (However, as stated above in section (4), the tuition fee shall not be returned to those who enrolled as an student and then withdraw within 6 months after receiving their student visa.)


  • ・Foreign students must join the national health insurance. It is required to show your health insurance card when going through the visa procedure.
  • ・Foreign students have a medical examination once a year.
  • ・Integrated Japanese Course students are covered by Japanese Language School Student Injury and Accident Insurance. It covers hospital travel costs and hospitalization fees due to injuries caused by accidents which occur in school premises or on the way to and from school.

Admission Process

Full-time Course
(Students applying for College student visas)

  1. 1

    Please request the brochure if you wish to apply for ECC. Should you have any questions, please contact us.
  2. 2

    After examining the application requirements, please contact ECC if you decide to apply.
  3. 3

    We will ask you to pay the screening fee of 21,000 yen so please transfer the fee to the designated bank account.
  4. 4

    Entrance examination and interview will be conducted in your country. Entrance examination and interview may be conducted via Skype depending on the country.
  5. 5

    Please prepare the application documents.
  6. 6

    After reviewing the contents of (4) and (5), you will pass the school examination if there are no problems.
  7. 7

    ECC will apply for the [Certificate of Eligibility] at the Immigration Bureau on behalf of the applicant.
  8. 8

    The Immigration Bureau checks the applicant’s history of entry and departure and examines the applications. If the application has no problems, the [Certificate of Eligibility] will be issued.
  9. 9

    ECC will contact the applicant to whom the [Certificate of Eligibility] was issued. Please transfer the tuition fee to the account designated by the school.
  10. 10

    Once the payment is confirmed, we will send the [Applicant Admission Form] and the [Certificate of Eligibility] to the applicant.
  11. 11

    Applicants must apply for college student visas with all the necessary documents including the [Admission Permit] and [Certificate of Eligibility] at the Japanese Overseas Diplomatic Office in their local area.
  12. 12

    Please enter Japan by the day designated by the school.

*Applicants who live overseas may also apply to our school through agencies in their own countries.
Please contact our school for further information about application agencies.

Short-term Course
*The Kanayama school accepts applications for short-term courses.

•The Nagoya School may be able to accept students for short-term study if there are vacancies, but only in cases where the Kanayama School is filled to capacity or students study for a short-term before commencing their overseas studies.
・•Students are required to obtain their short-term visas on their own. ECC cannot assist students with their applications for a short-term visa.

Course Schedule

It follows the Integrated Japanese Course.

Tuition Fees

Enrollment fee 25,000
Tuition 175,000
Miscellaneous expenses 4,000
Total 204,000
  • *Additional Expenses...Injury insurance fee and ECC original educational materials fee (Cost of commercially available educational materials is not included.)
  • *ECC is part of the Students' Compensation System for Japanese language schools. It covers hospital travel costs and hospitalization fees due to injuries caused by accidents which occur in school premises or on the way to and from school.
  • *If you cancel enrollment mid-term for the Integrated Japanese Course, the Short-term tuition fee for 3 months is applied.

Application period

Our staff will provide you with more detailed information.

Application Process

Our staff will provide you with more detailed information.

Download Documents

School Guide Download(4.6MB)
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Application Form Download(329KB)
Application Form Download(149KB)
Application Form for short-term course Download(67KB)
Application Form for short-term course Download(50KB)
Nagoya School Schedule Download(145KB)
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