From the President of ECC Co., Ltd.

Take a solid first step forward with the ECC Japanese Language Institute.

Having a shared language allows the barriers between borders to be more easily overcome.
It is precisely because we live in this era that we want to use language to restore world peace.
For the sake of the future children of the world, do your best to become a pioneer and help change the world into a wonderful place.
ECC has the experience and know-how to help people develop into such a person through language education.
ECC was a pioneer in English education in Japan, and today offers a wide range of language learning services beyond English.
Of course, Japanese language education is a part of that, and we are committed to educating as many foreigners as possible so that they can play an active role in their home countries and in Japan.
We hope that you, as a leader of the future, will take a solid first step forward at the ECC Japanese Language Institute.

Masahiro Hanafusa, President and Representative Director, ECC Co.