Private lessons

Residents / short-term students

Course outline

This course is designed for those who have limited time due
to work, school, childcare, or other commitments, those who want to learn at their own pace, and those who want to learn what they need efficiently and intensively. The curriculum is tailored to meet the learning goals, level, pace and schedule of each individual student, providing the most effective education possible for each student. If you would like to take semi-private lessons or group lessons with your friends or family, please contact the school.

Enrollment period At any time
Length of course From 10 lessons onwards
Class Hours 90 minutes per class.
Class time can be decided upon by the student (Class time is fixed upon choosing.)
level Available for beginners to advanced speakers.
Course content Courses can focus on business conversation, daily conversation,
JLPT preparation, interview techniques, or other topics of your choice.
Please contact us for further details.