[For residents and short-term visitors] Now accepting applications for classes starting in January 2024!

For those who want to enjoy communicating in Japanese even more, and for those aiming for higher education or employment.
Develop Japanese language skills that can be used in a wide range of situations.
Of course, beginners of Japanese language learning are also welcome!

・Family stay ・Japanese spouse, working holiday, those with various employment visas, or those coming to Japan for a short period of time on a tourist visa

[Learning period]
Shinjuku School (Tokyo): January 2024, 1 (Wednesday) – March 10, 3 (Friday)
Nagoya school: January 2024, 1 (Tuesday) – March 9, 3 (Thursday)
Kobe school: January 2024, 1 (Friday) – March 12, 3 (Tuesday)

[Class hours] 5 days a week (Monday to Friday) Morning class 9:15-12:35 / Afternoon class 13:40-17:00 *Times may vary depending on each school.

[Tuition fees] Admission fee ¥11,000 / Tuition fee ¥181,500 / Supplementary materials and activity fee ¥5,500 / Total ¥198,000 (Unit: Japanese yen / tax included)