Tailored to the student's level of Japanese, classes are easy to understand, and allow students to realize how much they progress every day.

Ms. Lan / Ms. Van / Comprehensive Japanese Language Course (Vietnam出身)

What can you do in Japanese now?

I can now watch Japanese anime without subtitles and speak Japanese at my part-time job.
I am now able to talk with many friends from different countries and learn about culture and history using Japanese. In the future, I would like to work in Japan, making use of the Japanese I have learned.

How are the classes at ECC Japanese Language Institute?

The way of teaching is totally different depending on the level. At the beginner level, my Japanese was not very good, so the teachers explained things using gestures, and the lessons were very easy to understand even for those of us who could not speak Japanese at all. In the intermediate and advanced levels, I think my conversational ability was further enhanced by the "speaking" and "listening" skills, in addition to grammar and language.
I feel that the classes are divided into levels so that students can acquire knowledge efficiently, whether they want to go on to higher education or find a job.