You may find it a little tough at first.

Mr. Jinil Choi / Comprehensive Japanese Language Course(Korea出身)

Why did you choose the ECC Japanese Language Institute Nagoya School?

I chose ECC partly because it was the right time for me to start, but also because there were few Koreans and I thought I would have many opportunities to speak in Japanese.

How are the teachers and staff at the ECC Japanese Language Institute?

I think the teachers and staff are really good because they are all very kind and give me detailed information when I ask them about my daily life and personal problems. I have made good memories with them, like going to barbecues and having fun together.

What advice would you give to those who are considering the ECC Japanese Language Institute?

You may feel that it is a little bit tough at first, but I think it will definitely help you improve your Japanese. Therefore, I think ECC Japanese Language Institute is a good choice for those who really want to study seriously and learn by talking a lot.