Information on the “Multicultural Coexistence Program” briefing session

Everyone, Hello!
Foreign visitors to Japan have returned, and the number of foreign residents has returned to near its previous state.
Along with this, both Japanese people and foreign residents in the area
I hear that creating an environment that is easy to live in is an issue.
In this situation, we at ECC thought there might be something we could do to help.
We have recently launched a “Multicultural Coexistence Program”.

First of all, what do you imagine when you hear the words “foreigner” and “Japanese language education”?
I’m sure you’ll hear many answers like, “Foreigners should learn Japanese.”
So, if foreigners learn Japanese, will they be able to communicate with each other smoothly?
We think the answer is no.
In fact, “Japanese language education for the Japanese people” who are accepted is also quite important.

At ECC Japanese Language School, we propose Japanese language education that promotes mutual understanding from the perspectives of both foreigners and Japanese people.
Therefore, we have decided to hold an information session for those who would like to hear more specific information!

The content will be of particular interest to those who have many opportunities to interact with foreigners within their companies or in the local community.
Also, for those who may have more opportunities to interact with foreigners in the future,
I hope you will learn some tips for cross-cultural communication.

For inquiries, please contact this email address.

Information on multicultural coexistence program (December, January, February 12)