Japanese language training for corporations

"Do you have any of the following problems with your foreign employees' Japanese?"

  • Communication

    I want my foreign employees and my Japanese employees to communicate smoothly.

  • Before coming to Japan

    I want my foreign employees to receive Japanese language training before they move to Japan.

  • Family support

    I want to support the family of my foreign employees by providing them with Japanese language training.

  • Training during work hours

    I want my foreign employees to receive Japanese language training in-house during work hours.

  • Training in remote locations

    I want my foreign employees to receive Japanese language training at other places.

  • Learning technical terms

    I want my employees to understand technical terms in Japanese.


can solve all your problems!

Helping your company achieve your goals
Providing Full Japanese Language Training Programs

When introducing Japanese language training at your companies, it is vital to have clear objectives. Please start by letting us now your company's needs and goals.
In recent years, as globalization progresses, the number of companies hiring foreign employees, accepting foreign technical interns, and utilizing specialized techniques from other countries has been increasing rapidly. However, many of these companies face language and cultural issues. At the ECC Japanese Language Institute, we listen carefully to your company's goals, challenges, and budget, and then create a full Japanese language training program tailored to meet your company's goals, including establishing the appropriate training style, lesson content, instructors, curriculum, and support.

Reasons for choosing ECC



Well-planned Training programs

Our team members are experts in Japanese language education and can find the most suitable Japanese language training plan for your company. Even though we talk about Japanese language education in generic terms, it may be necessary to change the style of a lesson depending on the background of the learners, such as their mother tongue. ECC offers a wide range of training plans based on the experience and know-how accumulated by us over years of providing education.


Quality of Teaching

Our teachers are selected based on their teaching ability, Japanese language skills, and personality.
Even after being hired, our academic affairs team continues to conduct training as well as daily class observations on to ensure that "ECC quality" is being maintained and to maximize the learning potential of our students.





Our staff will provide you with full support throughout the training process.
If you have any requests from your foreign employees after the training starts, please let us know.
In addition, if requested, we can provide tests and homework, give attendance reports, check proficiency levels through assignments and test scores, and, based on the findings and reports of our teachers, create reports showing the communication ability of the students, which is difficult to express on a purely numerical basis.

We will find a training program that best suits your company.

  • School-based training

    Classes and training will be held at the nearest ECC Japanese Language Institute school.

  • Dispatch training

    An ECC Japanese Language Institute teacher will be dispatched to teach the course at your company's meeting room or other designated location.

  • Online training

    The course will be held online using an online conference system. Taking online classes from remote locations such as from a foreign country, is possible.

For Japanese language training for your foreign employees, please contact the ECC Japanese Language Institute!

We provide free consultations, and free quotations including training content. Please feel free to contact your nearest ECC Japanese Language Institute at anytime.

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